ReSound LiNX 3D™

The 5th generation of the legendary Made for iPhone hearing system elevates smart listening to new levels, that people with hearing loss have more hearing, more understanding, more doing and more experience.

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Personalized and Connected Hearing

Signia eXperience Pure with integrated acoustic motion sensors, rechargeable and discreet, bluetooth connection.

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Unitron Tempus MoxiFit R

The smallest directly rechargeable hearing system in the world. Now here.

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Exclusive almost invisible miniature hearing systems.
For you, custom-made in our studio.

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Hearing aids for children

A hearing test in Berlin - only at AURIBELL!


Test your hearing

Who we are

We are the audiologists of the capital Berlin! As pediatric audiologists we also take care of the hearing aid care for children. And as audiologists, we are always on the current state of knowledge.
Our shop is located in the heart of the beautiful district of Charlottenburg – Wilmersdorf.

What we do

We provide you with quality of life, maintain or restore your acoustic communication skills.
We prevent auditory-social conflicts and reduce them.
A supply of hearing aids prevents dementia diseases to a considerable extent.

We love, what we do

Audiologist with soul and passion. Only when you are completely satisfied are we too. Being personally there for you, knowing that you know that we know your needs and that we really care about them and fulfill them.. More … Only if you are completely satisfied are we. Being there for you personally, knowing that you know that we know your needs and are really interested in it and meeting them. Find out more.