Als Unternehmen des Gesundheits-Handwerks nehmen wir unsere gesellschaftlichen Verantwortung war und sind für Sie da, auch in der Pandemie.

Bitte beachten Sie unsere Öffnungszeiten.

Aktuell benötigen Sie, für einen Besuch bei uns, keinen Corona-Test.
Die 3G, 2G und 2G plus – Regeln gelten für unseren Betrieb nicht.

Dennoch macht es zum Schutze aller Sinn, sich zuvor zu testen und vor allem geimpft zu sein!

Jedoch ist es erforderlich, dass Sie

– eine FFP2-Maske oder besser tragen
frei von Erkältungssympthomen sind
– möglichst einen Termin vereinbaren oder sich voranmelden
– die Abstandsregeln einhalten (soweit nicht durch unsere Tätigkeit unmöglich)
– die Zutrittregelungen bezüglich der Personenzahl beachten.

Wir behalten uns im Rahmen unseres Hausrechtes vor, die Schutzmaßnahmen lagebedingt anzupassen.


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Hearing aid supply AURIBELL plus

We provide you with hearing aids according to your individual hearing needs, based on your specific needs.
For this purpose, we can independently fall back on hearing aids from all well-known manufacturers and brands, as we are not bound by corporate specifications, as is common with many chain store competitors.
In our hearing aid care process, we naturally use all proven standards such as the creation of a comprehensive hearing profile, otoscopy as well as sound and speech audometry.
In addition, we provide ourselves and you with a more comprehensive picture, with the use of video otoscopy, tympanometry, and auditory field scaling.
In addition to in-situ measurements, we also use percentile analysis for hearing aid fitting.

Try it out

The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Reading brochures and websites is certainly useful – otherwise we wouldn’t be here too, but it can’t replace the personal experience of listening to your own ears and getting your own impressions.

We encourage you to put hearing systems through their paces in your personal everyday life free of charge.

In addition to trying it out, we also offer you the additional opportunity to compare hearing systems a little more objectively and directly with each other on our sound tester in real time. You will be amazed!

Sound tester

We can tell you a lot – about the hearing comfort, features and comfort features of different hearing aids.

However, we can also make the whole thing a little more objective experience for you and bring different hearing systems to your ears in direct comparison in real time.

After or before you try out various hearing aids, each over a longer period of time, but one after the other on your ears and can’t really remember the impression with the first pair after the last hearing aids, our sound tester provides clarity here.

In real time, you can switch back and forth between various pairs of hearing aids, which means that the auditory memory, which lasts only about 2 seconds, is sufficient to compare the hearing systems with each other in a real sound situation.

Best of all, your companion can even listen in.

Look forward to our sound tester.

Maintenance and repair

Regular maintenance of your hearing aids is particularly important to us so that repairs do not occur in the first place. It is important and should be done once a quarter.

The functional and visual inspection incl. Thorough exterior cleaning is simply part of it and is always included in the price of your hearing aid restoration with us.

We offer maintenance and repairs of all hearing aids, all brands and manufacturers in our in-house workshop.

If we are unable to carry out a repair ourselves at short notice, we have a reliable network of service providers in the background that we can fall back on.

These include regional service providers, as well as the hearing aid manufacturers themselves.


There’s no question that if something happens to your hearing aids, it can quickly become a major financial loss. With our hearing aid insurance, you are on the safe side.

This insures the purchase value of your hearing aids. So also all accessories necessary for supply, such as remote control, handset/sound tubes, earmolds or charging stations.

Dezibell & More - AURIBELL Customer Service Programs

Even as a user of a self-powered basic hearing aid fitting, you will receive a comprehensive service package for your hearing and hearing aids with our D&M RED customer service.

With D&M PLATINUM, we grant you a 50% discount on many services that are required on a regular basis and limit the cost of any repairs.

D&M BLACK offers you an exclusive all-round service. It covers just about all the services around your hearing aid that are required on a regular basis.


Participation of your health insurance

Whether you have statutory or private health insurance, your health insurance will contribute to the cost of your individual hearing aid care.

The prerequisite for the assumption of the costs of the initial hearing aid fitting, with most health insurance companies, is a prescription by an ear, nose and throat specialist.

We will take care of the billing with your statutory health insurance for you.

You can find out more about the assumption of costs here.

Financing Service

We are happy to offer you attractive models for the financing of your hearing aid installation with your own contribution².

Starting at monthly rates of 50 euros , you can opt for your favorite hearing aid fitting.

Your advantages with hearing aid financing:

  • 0% APR
  • no processing fees
  • Flexible terms of up to 36 months²
  • fast credit check within 5 minutes
  • You will receive a loan offer, which you can check at home.

On-site service

We also offer all our services at your site¹ – worldwide.

Be it at your home, at work – wherever you need us.

In particular, the fine fitting of your hearing systems in a specific situation, which cannot be reproduced in our rooms thanks to our modern sound field technology, makes particular sense on site.

Food delivery service

If things have to be done quickly, you are unable to attend or simply don’t feel like leaving the house, we will be happy to deliver to your home or to any address.

1 Basic audiometry and initial hearing system fitting in the context of a hearing system fitting usually take place in our special premises, which meet all standardised and legal requirements – unless you are unable to come to us for health reasons.

2 Positive creditworthiness required.